Laying off’ is a tough economic decision taken by companies and needs to be managed sensitively. Under our banner of Employee Relations and Grievance Handling, we take care of all your outplacement needs. Starting from communicating to the respective employees, documentation, realigning the organization chart to outplacement of the impacted employees, we take care of it all.

We offer the below services to the employees as a part of outplacement program :

We prepare their candidate portfolio and present it to the companies

We align mentors and put them in a specific mentorship program. The mentors would comprise of Industry Veterans and Senior HR Professionals

We would coach them and help them upskill

How Do You Benefit From The Outplacement Service ?

You get a Senior HR Team managing the whole situation sensitively and with 100% compliance

Outplacement initiative helps retain your brand image as an employer in difficult scenario

You abide by your responsibility as a responsible employer by assisting your impacted employees in difficult time